Monitor and read online reviews and find out what patients are saying about you and your staff. There are review monitoring services available to track and manage reviews or you can just log on to sites every day or two to see what’s being said. The reviews are basically free advice and it’s fairly easy to spot trends. You would pay a consultant thousands of dollars to give you the same information.

Process ImprovementTalk to your staff about common complaints they hear. Your staff probably sees first hand the issues that cause complaints or compliments and are well aware of the challenges and issues. 

Use the information learned from your research to implement changes in staff, training or office procedures and business practices. Often small changes in communication or business processes or even setting the right expectation to a patient can make a huge difference.

Don’t be afraid to speak to an angry patient. Most times a patient just wants to know their concern is heard and you can disarm the situation before it gets worse. Just remember, be friendly, listen and don’t make the matter worse by saying something inappropriate or inflammatory.

Involve your entire team in providing great customer service. Empower them to solve and address issues right when they happen. Use a customer service review solution like ServiceGuru to track the individual service provided by your staff. Provide training and information to allow your staff to represent you well and measure their results. Your success and reputation may depend on it!

Need help developing an overall customer service or in handling online reviews. Let us know – we can help!