Have you searched Google, Bing or Yahoo only to find many of your medical practice business listings are wrong? You aren’t alone! Approximately 98% of medical practices have at least one error in their online listings. So how did this happen and what can you do about it?

Why are my online medical practice listings wrong… and how do I fix them?

This biggest causes for medical practice business listing errors on the internet are:

Data provider database listing errors

data-providersOne common issue for business listing errors is if your information on the 4 main databases that deliver content to web sites like YellowPages.com, Google Local, Yelp! and others is inaccurate or incomplete. If you do not correct these databases, you will be fighting a losing battle.

The Fix: You can attempt to update your information with each database site but the easiest and most efficient way to do it is to sign up for a business listing solution that will tae care of this for you. The process is fairly simple and inexpensive (about $150 – $200) and involves a review of your current data, pushing out updates to these database sites and then monitoring it to ensure the changes are implemented and remain correct. An example of a Business Listing Update Service can be found by clicking here. 

Claim your online medical practice listings

sites-we-monitor-insetIt’s not enough to update the national databases. You should claim the main sites like Google Local, Yelp!, Healthgrades, Vitals and Facebook at the bare minimum. Claiming and managing all of your online listings can be a lot of work but it’s well worth the effort. These sites are often the first impression a potential patient has with your practice so making sure these pages are claimed and populated with information and photos is critical. Current patients are more and more expecting that customer service will be delivered through social media and your online persona as well so keep that in mind.

The Fix: To claim your sites you can work with a company who handles this like Reputation Health or you can do it yourself. In most cases there is a Claim Listing link on the site and you just follow the process. For sites like Google Plus, Google Local and other pages the process can be a little more involved but it’s well worth it. Not only will your page be able to be customized with photos and information to help you win new patients and clients, you can also easily change or update incorrect contact information. A secondary reaason to claim these listings, beyond the marketing benefits, is the ability to better control your online reputation and respond to reviews. If you have not claimed your page, you can not respond to a review online and that is a critical aspect to maintain your online reputation.

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