Patient FeedbackDuring a recent study by Reputation Health of over 500 patient reviews we discovered that 86% of patient complaints stemmed from the office staff or customer service policies. Think about that for a second. As a physician your reputation in the area is critical to your success and a majority of complaints that are attributed to you aren’t even something you may have been a part of. Or were you?

Physicians have a challenging job already. Between seeing patients, staying up with continuing education, hiring and managing staff, staying up on technology and medical billing challenges, they are often being sabotaged by their own staff. If you have any part in hiring, training or managing your staff, this is an area that deserves your attention.

There is also a flip side to this. The staff in a medical practice can also generate positive reviews and goodwill for a practice and a physician. How is your staff influencing your online reputation and what can you do to ensure your entire team is proving great service?

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