Medical Practice Reputation Management Philosophy

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Managing your online reputation requires the updating and creating of relevant information about you and your medical practice. This information is then located by search engines like Google and ranked. Trying to shortcut this process can lead to your site being banned or could actually harm your online reputation and online ranking on search engines.

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Reputation Health helps you improve your online results the right way:

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What we do:

Create or assist you in creating relevant content and information that search engines and customers will value.

Consistent presence across the web. We provide you with tools and services that will ensure your information is accurate and consistent across the web. This improves and validates your search engine results.
Optimization and formatting of content. Our tools and services are geared around optimizing and formatting your content to be attractive and inviting to potential customers and to meet listing or search engine protocol.
Help you be the best you can be online. We realize your online reputation is important for your medical practice so our tools and services are designed to help you look great online. Our guiding principle is to provide the best service possible to you to attain the best results for you and your medical practice.
Guarantee any specific results or rankings. While we will always work to improve rankings on search engines, no one can guarantee specific results when it comes to search engine ranking. We can guarantee that will work work hard on your behalf and provide you with services and tools that have the potential to improve your online results.
Consult with you to solve issues leading to online complaints. We can work with you to identify and solve customer service and policy issues that may be leading to negative online comments and reviews. By solving the core issues, this often translates into improved results and more business.

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What we won’t do:

Be involved in or knowingly use unethical activities that try to trick search engines into giving better search results.

Use automated linking platform. We will not utilize automated linking platforms that are solely designed to trick search engines into improving information or search results. These can ultimately lead to black listing and negative results.
Other non-ethical techniques. We will not be directly involved in building spammy links, link farms or other techniques. There is a right way and a wrong way to accomplish long lasting ethical online results.
Guarantee any specific results or rankings. While we will always work to improve rankings on search engines, no one can guarantee specific results when it comes to search engines like Google. We will produce results that are search engine friendly and give you the best possible results at immediate and ongoing positive outcomes.
Create negative content about other parties. We will work to create and publish positive content about you and your medical practice but we will not publish or create content that is negative in nature about any other party.

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Let’s talk about your online presence!

We can analyze and develop a custom plan to improve your online reputation and presence.